Breast feeding at work help.

Kim Knight RN, BSN, IBCLC, RLC

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Advice and Solutions

"Top quality breastpumps will allow painfree maintenance of milk supply while separated from baby"

"Having a small refrigerator under my desk saved me time while pumping at work-milk and pump kit went in there after each pumping!"
- Jen

I refrigerate my pump parts all day at work and clean and sanitize at home at the end of the day. This saves so much time on clean up!

Finding out it was normal for my baby to not have a set feeding schedule was a big relief. I just feed whenever he is hungry and we are both happy!

Attending a breastfeeding support group is soo helpful. The support of other mothers that are also breastfeeding helps. You hear so much conflicting info from family, friends and doctors. Kim Knight answered all of our questions and helped us become more confident as mothers!

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